They are very kind and respectful and I would use them to post that when the time needs to be again.

Angie T.

Wendy is extremely compassionate and helpful and is an aggressive car accident lawyer. PIP laws are tough in Florida. If your insurance tries to deny your car accident claims or minimize your health problems (and there is a good chance they will) she is a HUGE blessing. Glad I decided to call a car accident attorney rather than try to do it myself. I couldn’t be more pleased with Attorney Wendy Doyle-Palumbo! Thank you!

Lori F.

Wendy Doyle is an excellent personal injury lawyer and would highly recommend her!

Karleigh K.

Wendy took over my divorce case after I had to hire new counsel. She was able to overcome the many obstructive actions that were made by opposing counsel and bring about a timely end to a very difficult situation.

William C.

We had an extremely difficult case that had drawn out for several years, Ms. Doyle was very professional and dedicated to getting the best possible outcome in our case in a timely manor. She is very hard working and any questions I had were answered within a day and most sooner than that.

Karla P.

She really fights for her client. She is an honest lawyer and wants only the best for her client. I highly recommend her.

Sabrina L.

I had the best experience with using Mrs. Doyle as my attorney for my car accident case. She fought hard for my settlement and made sure I got the treatment I needed. Highly recommended.

Joanna E.

Wendy is a kind and compassionate person, like no other. Thank you for letting me serve you and your office. She is an excellent attorney.

Kim L.

This is the best law firm out there. I had a great experience! They’re very friendly and are willing to help you when you need it the most. Would highly recommend them.

Scarlett H.

Great attorney! I highly recommend working with her. She will definitely fight for the compensation that you deserve 100%!

Kristian D.

Wendy And her team are awesome. They have a way of really letting you know they really care about you and whatever situation at hand. Very helpful, they make it their job to get you as much money as quickly as possible and also let you know what’s going on all the time. Just want to say thank you guys for everything! I would definitely recommend more people here.


I had a very confusing and convoluted case with a lot of twists and turns but the second this firm stepped in everything smoothed out no more questions I had dates any questions I had they answered with the utmost kindness and swiftness I encourage anyone going through any type of custody issues to use them you will not be disappointed I would rate higher if I could.

Tim R.

Can’t say enough about these guys. I’ve had to retain them in order to proceed with a case across the country here in California and they have literally been there every step of the way in every way imaginable. They have made a tough situation very manageable. Highly commend and recommend.

Stephen B.

Amazing!! Some lawyers practice law…others have MASTERED IT! This lawyer is the real deal and I highly recommend her. She’s a wealth of knowledge & will go the distance!

Thank you Attorney Doyle-Palumbo for your relentless pursuit of my rights & my fair legal remedy. Everything you did for my little family is greatly appreciated!

Susan G.

I am very pleased with the legal services that were provided to me. I appreciate the professional, accurate, and timely responses to my questions. Thanks So much to all the staff members!

Rhonda H.

Wendy went above and beyond to help us with our case. She is very experienced and knowledgeable. Wendy and her staff were excellent to work with and made us feel very at ease but were truthful during the whole case. Would definitely recommend her!


I’ve used Wendy’s firm on more then one occasion for a family court matter from 2018-present. Given the emotional rollercoaster cases like this can take you on, Wendy and her team kept me abreast with the best legal counsel I’ve had to date. No court case is ever easy to take on but the professionalism, expertise, and competence of this firm is too notch. I will use them again if I’m ever in need!

Damien N.

Where do I begin? I am extremely grateful to have been blessed with meeting Ms. Wendy and Danielle. From the beginning of my case, they did not disappoint. The overall firm is very professional, yet personable. Ms. Wendy took the time to hear me out and look into my case and did not pressure me into choosing them as my legal counsel. She simply educated me and left the decision-making up to me. I am so HAPPY that I went with them. Throughout my process all I wanted was for everything to be fair and to concentrate on what was best for my children. Ms. Wendy is not to be messed with. She was very knowledgeable and a force to be reckoned with. One thing that I did love about the overall experience was them constantly reassuring me that my case was solid. I know a few lawyers out there that, even if they knew you had no chance at winning they didn’t care as long as they were collecting payments on your behalf, but not these ladies. They informed me that if I did not have a solid winning case then they would not continue to represent me so that I wasn’t spending money that I didn’t need to. I don’t know about you, but that speaks volume and says a lot about character for me. Thank you so much to Wendy Doyle Palumbo and her firm of amazing women. You ladies will forever hold a special place in my heart for everything that you’ve done for me!

Lina T.

If you’re looking for someone to go at your case like a BULL…Wendy Doyle is the one!!!! My case was not easy ..no other lawyer in Florida wanted to take it seeing that I was living in another state. To pull an entire divorce case to another state takes a special lawyer. Not all divorce lawyers are even experienced in this but she is!!! She attacked my case with a plan, was always brutally honest with me, and succeeded. That is what you want in a lawyer!!! Her staff was always kind and professional. Thank you again, Wendy!

Yvette M.

The office is so easy to get a hold of. They work hard and put in their time on your case. They are very efficient and truly care about you and your case. Wendy is a great lawyer I would very much recommend her.

Richard P.

Wendy is a great lawyer all around very professional and knowledgeable. She’s done great work for me in a few personal injury case’s and now she’s handling a family law case for me. I’d definitely refer her to anyone who’s been hurt in an accident because she gets results with a great outcome.

Rasheem B.

I was extremely fortunate to come across Wendy when it came to my family matter. The expertise and sincerity and all-around
support was astounding. I could tell that our family’s interests were her top priority, and that means the most.

While our ordeal had encountered unavoidable unique obstacles, Wendy was patient with me and was able to reassure me,
answering any questions that I had concerning our case.

With Wendy’s accommodations, understanding, and knowledge, we were able to obtain the most desirable outcome that we could
have possibly hoped for.

If I ever run into another similar matter, I know Wendy will be the one to reach out to. 10/10! Would recommend.

Jeffrey S.
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