Types of Injuries Commonly Seen in Motorcycle Accidents

Injuries Caused by Motorcycle Accidents

There are many injuries you can sustain in a motorcycle accident. It’s been reported that broken legs are the most common injury-causing riders to be hospitalized. Broken arms and wrists are also common as riders try to break their falls.

Motorcycle accident injuries cause some of the most serious and substantial losses. If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, please seek medical treatment promptly, even if you think your injuries aren’t major.

The types of injuries most commonly seen in motorcycle accidents are as follows:

  • Soft tissue and ligament damage
  • Broken bones, compound fractures
  • Brain injuries
  • Severed limbs
  • Injuries to the spinal cord
  • Paralysis
  • Burns or Road Rash
  • Fatalities
  • Disfigurement
    Motorcycle Accident Medical Costs, Settlements & Claims
    Motorcycle injuries can cause a lifetime of pain, suffering, and disability. Medical bills that a rider can incur can be substantial. Surgery or multiple surgeries, skin grafts from burns, therapy, medical device expenses– these are just a birds eye view into the medical expenses that can be incurred by the injured. Hospital stays, transportation costs, specialists, diagnostic testing, surgeons– The cost can run into millions of dollars.  Some injuries, however, can seem fairly minor at first. Yet, if you are not examined diagnosed and treated promptly and before you settle your accident claim, you may be looking down the road to incurring out of pocket medical expenses and additional losses due to undiagnosed injuries. Don’t take the chance if you’ve been in a motorcycle accident. Get the treatment you need and deserve under Florida’s Personal Injury laws. Your health and future matter.

Injuries Often Seen in Motorcycle Accidents

Injured in a motorcycle accident in New Port Richey, Holiday, Hudson, or in Pasco County? If you’re already suffering from injuries, or, if you have reached this page because you were involved in a motorcycle accident that had low property damage but you think you may have experienced some injuries, call 727-824-5727.  If you are wondering if your “minor” injuries could be worse than you first acknowledged, they could be. This is why it’s important to be seen by a doctor after an accident then speak to a motorcycle accident personal injury attorney.

Riders who have been involved in motorcycle accidents are subjected to increased injury, especially when going up against a motor vehicle. It is crucial for you to seek prompt and adequate medical attention after you have been involved in a motorcycle accident even if you have been in a lower impact accident. You might consider a free consultation with a personal injury attorney for advice after your accident. We can speak with you about your accident, your injuries, and medical care. Proper diagnostic testing early on can help you to be sure that you aren’t suffering from soft tissue injuries that frequently are missed. Many accident victims settle with their insurance companies, only to realize later on that an injury they suffered in a motorcycle accident was causing loss of income from disability arising from an “old injury.”

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