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Pasco County, Florida Hotel Liability Lawyer

Whether you’re on vacation or on a business trip, you’ll likely book a room in a hotel to spend the night. Florida is home to countless hotels, many of which are lovely places to begin and end the day. That said, hotels must be properly managed and maintained, and when they aren’t they can become quite dangerous to guests. If you recently were injured in a hotel due to no fault of your own, you should strongly consider hiring a competent Florida hotel liability lawyer who can help guide you through the injury claims process ahead.

Can a Hotel Liability Lawyer Help Me?

If you’ve been hurt while staying at a hotel, there’s a strong chance you have a valid personal injury claim against the hotel itself. That said, you can expect the hotel in question to hire top-of-the-line defense attorneys who will work to shield them from your lawsuit, which is why you must do the same. Our legal team can collect evidence, negotiate, and ultimately fight for the compensation you need.

Common Causes of Hotel Accidents

When hotel staff or management neglect various amenities and safety procedures, conditions can become very dangerous for guests. Just some of the most common causes of hotel accidents and injuries are as follows:

  • Unsafe pool conditions, such as missing lifeguards or no “wet floor” signs
  • Defective hotel gym equipment
  • Spilled liquids or slippery surfaces left unattended
  • Dangerous hotel stairways
  • Defective hotel elevators
  • Serving guests spoiled food
  • Dangerous hotel parking lots or garages
  • Dim lighting
  • Unsanitary conditions

Who’s Responsible for a Hotel Accident?

In most cases, the party responsible for a hotel accident will be hotel ownership or staff, meaning as long as we can prove that hotel management or staff either knew or should have known about the unsafe conditions and failed to fix them timely, injuring you as a result, we should win you personal injury claim. That said, in some cases, such as those involving defective elevator accidents, we may instead sue the elevator designer or manufacturer for your injuries.

What if I’m from Out of State?

Often, when we stay at hotels, it’s because we live in another state. That said, let’s say you live in New York but were injured in a hotel in Florida. You may wonder whether you should hire a Florida attorney or an attorney from your home state. The truth is, you’d be best served hiring an attorney local to the area where you were injured. To start, this attorney will have knowledge of the state’s laws and doctrines, giving you an advantage over hiring an attorney from your home state. Further, an attorney in Florida is likely to be certified to practice law in Florida, while this likely won’t be the case if you’re looking to hire an attorney in another state.

Our firm has decades of experience representing accident victims here in Florida, and we are prepared to put that experience to work for you. If you’ve suffered a work-related injury, our skilled Hudson work injury attorney are here to guide you through the legal process and fight for the compensation you deserve.

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