If you have been wrongfully made a victim of a traumatic brain injury, you have the right to recover compensation for your physical, mental, and financial burdens. It is unfair to have to suffer through the loss of muscle function, speech, or otherwise without the aid that you require to heal. Follow along to find out what you should do if you suffer from a traumatic brain injury and how a proficient Pasco County, Florida injury lawyer at Wendy Doyle-Palumbo, Esq., can help you navigate the legal options at your disposal.

What are the different causes of traumatic brain injuries?

A traumatic brain injury is considered to be a type of catastrophic injury, as it can lead to serious physical and mental complications. Unfortunately, there are many different ways in which such an injury may be caused, and they read as follows:

  • An auto accident (i.e., car, bicycle, truck, bus, boat, etc) or otherwise a collision accident.
  • A slip, trip, and fall accident on another party’s property (i.e., apartment, hotel, retail store, etc).
  • A work-related injury (i.e., construction site).
  • A defective product injury (i.e., industrial machinery, appliances, equipment, etc).
  • A combat-related injury.
  • A sports-related injury.
  • A drowning accident.
  • An act of violence directed toward you.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • A birth-related injury (i.e., not enough oxygen to the brain during childbirth).

What should I do if I am made a victim of a traumatic brain injury?

If you are looking into a personal injury lawsuit, then you must ensure that you will be able to satisfy your burden of proof. That is, you must ensure that you provide the Florida courts with enough evidence that directly points your traumatic brain injury to the negligence of the defendant. Ways in which you may fulfill this burden read as follows:

  • Photos and videos of the accident that caused your traumatic brain injury.
  • Witness testimonies by those who saw your accident play out.
  • X-rays that highlight the severity of your traumatic brain injury.
  • Doctor’s notes that highlight the severity of your injury and its long-term consequences.
  • Medical bills that highlight the expense of your current and future required treatments.
  • Past pay stubs that highlight the wages you are missing out on due to your injury.

What is the statute of limitations for a traumatic brain injury claim in Florida?

If you wish to file a personal injury claim to seek justice and recover damages after your traumatic brain injury, then you must do so before the state of Florida’s statute of limitations. More specifically, you must do so within four years of the date of your accident. Otherwise, you will be permanently barred from suing.

The at-fault party must be held accountable for their negligent behavior. So, if you are ready to seek legal action, then you must reach out to a talented Pasco County, Florida injury lawyer as soon as possible.