For your personal injury case, you may just think of proof as being different types of documents (i.e., photos, accident reports, medical bills, etc). But also, individuals like witnesses and outside experts can serve as forms of evidence. Read on to discover what the different types of outside experts are and how a seasoned Pasco County, Florida injury lawyer at Wendy Doyle-Palumbo, Esq. can help you through your proceedings.

What is the difference between a witness and an outside expert?

Firstly, a witness may be an individual who was present at the scene of your accident and therefore saw all of its events play out. It is recommended that you collect the contact information of witnesses, such as their name, phone number, and email address, while you are still present at the scene. This is so, later on, you may reach out to them and request that they provide an oral or written testimony. Their testimony may be pivotal to your argument. This is because you may have been overwhelmed at the time of your accident, so much so that you do not retain the exact details of it.

On the other hand, an outside expert may be an individual who is a professional with specialized knowledge in their line of work. Therefore, they are qualified to offer their expert opinion in your case proceedings on who is to blame for your accident, how extreme your injuries and damages are, how much financial compensation you require, or otherwise.

What are the different types of outside experts in a personal injury claim?

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your personal injury accident and claim, you may need to hire different types of outside experts. Examples of possible experts that may be beneficial for your case include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • An accident reconstruction expert.
  • A highway safety expert.
  • A manufacturing expert.
  • A medical expert.
  • A mental health expert.
  • A vocational rehabilitation expert.
  • A life care planner.
  • An economic expert.

It should go without mentioning that hiring outside experts is not as important as hiring a lawyer. That is, having an outside expert testify will help you in just one subset of your personal injury case proceedings. But a lawyer will help you in all aspects of your proceedings, from start to finish. A lawyer will go as far as ensuring that they work in conjunction with these outside experts. This is so they can build a strong legal strategy that yields the maximum amount of monetary compensation possible for you.

So, before it is too late, you must retain the services of a competent Pasco County, Florida injury lawyer. We are ready and willing to take on your case.