Details are still being reported from the horrific accident involving a tractor trailer that left a total of 6 injured plus one fatality on 1-75 last Friday. The accident occurred while the Band Adrenaline Mob was on route to St. Petersburg, Florida for a show.  This particularly trucking accident has the attention of Tampa Bay, and has touched the family, friends and fans of the victims.

Accomplished bassist, David Zablidowsky “David Z.”  lost his life in this horrible trucking accident. David was known also for his work with the Trans Siberian Orchestra. We are all keeping abreast of this accident investigation where charges are pending.

Trucking Accidents Not Uncommon in Florida

This trucking accident has been covered heavily in the news partially because of the horrific damage and loss it has caused, but also because of the familiarity of it’s victims. However, these commercial trucking accidents happen frequently, and when they do occur, the shear size of the vehicles will cause serious injuries, disabilities and fatalities.

We don’t know all of the details of this trucking accident however we do know that according to the Florida Highway Patrol, the truck swerved into the path of the band members who had pulled over to fix a flat tire on a trailer. In such instances, seeking guidance from a qualified truck accident lawyer in Hudson, FL can be crucial for understanding legal options and securing rightful compensation.

We do know that with other trucking accidents, distracted drivers, drivers who are not appropriately rested and even mechanical problems with their rigs can cause tractor trailer accidents.  Read – Trucking Accidents on the Rise

Thoughts and Prayers – According to the band members, there were clearly some heroes out there the day of the accident that prevented what likely would have been even more fatalities from the fire that engulfed the vehicles.  We send healing thoughts and prayers to the families and loved ones of David and the others who are recovering and mourning their loss.

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