Riding a motorcycle in Florida can be one of the most enjoyable experiences a motorist can have. With outstanding scenery and beautiful weather, Florida is a destination that many motorcyclists treasure. Unfortunately, there are nearly 10,000 motorcycle related crashes on Florida roadways each year and of these accidents over 7700 resulted in serious injury and 515 resulted in a fatality. Although Florida is a beautiful place to enjoy getting on a bike, it is important to remember these safe riding tips for motorcyclists (and other drivers too)!

Make Sure You Are Picking a Bike That Suits You

A motorcycle is a powerful machine and not every motorcycle will fit every driver. A motorcycle can come in many different sizes as well as many power ratings. When choosing a bike for the first time you need to make sure that you can put both of your feet flat on the ground and reach all of the controls easily. You also need to consider a bike that is comfortable for your abilities. It could be highly unsafe for you to ride a bike that is too powerful for your experience level or a heavy bike that you don’t have experience with. If you are new to riding, consider getting a bike with a lower seat height that is easier for you to handle on the roads.

Wear Proper Safety Equipment

Proper safety attire is a requirement for any motorcyclist. Nearly 230 motorcyclists suffered a fatal injury while riding without a helmet in 2017. Putting on a helmet that fits snugly on your head and making sure that you wear it every time you ride is essential.

However, a helmet is just one part of the proper safety equipment, you’ll need to get a good motorcycle jacket to protect you in the event of a fall. It’s also wise to get good quality boots, heavy jeans or leather pants, eye protection and gloves. These items can protect you while you are on the road and in the event of a crash. Jeans are offered at motorcycle stores that come lined with strong protection.

Inspect Your Motorcycle Before You Ride

Making sure that you are aware of any mechanical issues before you set off is important. If you don’t do regular checks on your motorcycle, it could fail mechanically while you are riding it. Make sure that you regularly adjust and clean your mirrors, check breaks, test the throttle, check the tires, check for signs of gas leaks, make sure your lights work and check coolant levels on the dash. These are all simple tests that could save your life before you get on to ride.

Drive Defensively

A large number of motorcycle accidents in Florida occur as a result of blind spots and people on the road failing to notice motorcyclists. Make sure that you can drive defensively and predictably on the roads. Be familiar with the route, make sure to keep aware of your surroundings, know all traffic laws for the area and remain confident in your abilities. Making unexpected moves or hesitating too much as you ride can put you in a place drivers might not expect. In case of an accident, consult a Hudson motorcycle accident lawyer for expert guidance.

Consider High Visibility

An excellent way that you can avoid problems with blind spots is by making sure that you are constantly seen or heard. Use your lights often, wear brightly colored clothing on your bike and make sure that your horn works so that you can alert other drivers when required. Also, loud bikes save lives!

Never Ride Your Motorcycle Impaired

One of the riskiest things you can do, even as an experienced rider is get on a motorcycle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Balance is a requirement on a motorcycle and most motorcycle enthusiasts would not recommend getting on their bike even after the smallest bit of alcohol.

Keep some of these top safety tips in mind if you plan on riding during your time in Florida. If you are injured in any type of motorcycle crash contact us today for more information on how we can help your case!