In recent reports published by GPS tracking company Teletrac Navman, Interstate 4 from Orlando to Tampa has been named one of the most dangerous highways in the United States. The company used a series of federal data to verify their findings. They discovered that there is an average of 1.24 fatalities for every mile of this highway making it one of the most dangerous stretches of road in the United States.

Our firm has extensive experience in personal injury law as well as handling cases for people who have suffered serious injuries due to driver negligence on I-4. Our team regularly works motor vehicle accidents caused by driver negligence on the highway and it’s our goal to make sure that these individuals can be held responsible for their actions.

An accident on the highway could be a life-changing incident that could result in serious injuries as well as pain-and-suffering. We want to ensure that drivers at fault for an accident on the highway are held accountable for their damages and that you can pursue the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve to manage your injuries and enjoy the best quality of life after an accident.

As well as valuing our clients it’s our goal to improve education and awareness across Florida by putting a spotlight on I-4 and revealing it as one of the dangerous areas to drive in the United States. Avoiding a potentially dangerous situation and knowing what to do in the case of an accident is important to protecting your rights on the roads. In order to properly protect yourself while you drive on the highway it’s important to be aware of some of the more dangerous areas of I-4.

Here are some accident hotspots you can avoid.

Around Plant City

Plant City is one of the most dangerous spots on I-4. This area of the highway has had over 388 incidents over the past two years with most of the accidents occurring at rush hour between 4 and 5 P.M. Sunday is one of the most dangerous days of the week and August is the most dangerous month to spend time in this section of the highway.

Near Tampa

Dating back as early as 2016 there’ve been nearly 503 accidents along Malfunction Junction where I-275 meets I-4. The majority of these incidents in this area have occurred between 7 AM to 4 PM with Friday being the most dangerous day of the week. The most dangerous stretch in this area is the region around the Florida State Fairgrounds.

Lake Land to Disney

The most dangerous section of I-4 occurs between Disney and Lakeland with a record 755 incidents since 2016. The increased amount of traffic due to the amusement park generates the perfect recipe for accidents in this area. The worst time to be in this region is on Saturday mornings and the worst month is August. The most concentrated area is the 15 mile stretch of highway between ChampionsGate and Sea World. Avoiding this stretch of the highway if you do not have travel plans in this area can often be a wise decision.

If you are involved in a car accident on the highway there are some safe practices and etiquette standards that you can follow. After you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident you should always do the following.

Seek Appropriate Medical Attention

If you have any immediate injuries or anyone appears to be injured as a result of the crash, do not hesitate to contact emergency responders immediately. Having your injuries logged and making sure that you can get checked out as soon as possible can save lives. You may have just a few crucial moments to react if someone is seriously injured in a car accident so do not hesitate to contact emergency services.

Exchange Information With Other Drivers

Exchanging information with all of the drivers involved is crucial when you get into an accident. Making sure that the accident is properly recorded and that you can get the other driver’s insurance information can ease the process of seeking compensation and make sure that you can all handle your medical bills.

Report The Incident to The Authorities

In order for an accident to go through insurance there must be an official police report of the accident. Contacting the authorities and letting the officers know more about the nature of the accident and how it happened will make sure that everyone has their stories straight and that there is a legal record of the accident as well.

Begin Documenting The Accident

Collecting your own evidence of the accident such as taking photos, recording eyewitness testimony and more can all be useful for insurance purposes after. Taking photos of your injuries as well as the damages on both vehicles can make sure that all of the evidence can be appropriately gathered for forming your case.

Seeking Legal Counsel

An insurance company may not be able to offer you the settlement or compensation that you require. Seeking legal counsel can often be one of the best ways to ensure that you can access assistance in settling your case and managing compensation for your injuries.

Contact us if you are involved in an accident on I-4 and we can work as your negotiators to help you seek a proper settlement for your case.