Boating Accident Results in a Fatality

Sadly, The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has an ongoing investigation of a boating accident that occurred between a jet ski and boat. The boating accident took place in Clearwater on September 23rd has sadly resulted in a fatality and serious injuries to accident victims.

Florida Boating Accident Stats – Pasco/Hernando/Citrus

As  boating accident attorneys, we know that watercraft accidents are far too common on our beautiful waterways. Speed, lack of experience, alcohol and factors such as distracted driving can result in boating fatalities and serious injuries. In 2016, there were 714 “reportable” boating accidents in Florida.

In 2015-16 in Pasco County , there were  24,136 total registered vessels. One fatality was reported. In addition to this, there has been considerable property damage and other injuries that have occurred. In Hernando County, the FWC reported one  boating fatality in 2015-16 reporting period. Hernando County ranked 25 in the number of reportable boating accidents. Citrus County topped both Pasco and Hernando County in boating accidents, ranking 16 with three boating fatalities. Over 100,000 in property damages were reported along with numerous injuries in all three counties.

The highest number of boating accidents in Florida occur between the hours of 2PM and 4PM with the primary cause of accident being a collision with another vessel while cruising. If you’ve spent a good deal of time on our beautiful waterways on the Gulf Coast, you know that lack of experience, careless navigation and factors such as boating under the influence can turn an otherwise beautiful day into a tragic event.

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