Rear End, Low Impact or Low Property Damage Car Accident Settlements

If you have been in a car accident that has resulted in injuries, loss of work, loss of wages, and medical bills, your car accident settlement amount will likely depend on how serious your accident was. In a personal injury lawsuit, motor vehicle accident claims have various “categories” for reimbursement.

Car Accident Property Damage Settlements

Car or motorcycle accidents where low property damage has been assessed (i.e. damage to your vehicle) often result in your insurance company reimbursing you for the “reasonable” cost of the repair or replacement of your vehicle. Suing the other party or “negligent driver” for property damage that is in excess of $500 is fairly common.  This is for “property damage” only and it does not include the following additional settlements related to your accident.

Medical Bills, Wage Loss Settlements

In low impact motor vehicle accidents or even in minor motorcycle accidents, soft tissue injuries or whiplash can result in medical bills, prescription costs, lost wages and other related expenses. This portion of your claim is often disputed, denied or minimized particularly in low impact car accidents. It is important for you to seek treatment by the proper medical professionals who can diagnose and document the injuries you have sustained.

Even in more serious car accidents where property damage is extensive, insurance companies will very often try to minimize your compensation. If you are injured in either a low impact car accident or in a high impact car accident you can benefit greatly when you are represented by a Tampa Bay personal injury lawyer. Unfortunately, the injured will oftentimes go up against insurance companies on their own and unknowingly accept what the insurance company offers them. Settling in this situation can result in the injured being under-compensated. Not understanding the severity of your injuries coupled with a lack of knowledge of  Florida Personal Injury Law can work against you.  Don’t let this happen when we can help. Let us ensure that your rights are protected and your compensation is maximized.

Pain & Suffering Settlements Florida

The compensation or settlement amount when your car accident includes a pain and suffering settlement can also vary. Pain and suffering compensation in Florida is the monetary compensation for past and future distress or misery caused by the injuries sustained as a result of an accident.

This part of your car accident lawsuit is particularly important to your future financial and physical well being. Many people who have been injured simply settle without fully understanding how their injuries will affect them in the future. Once you settle you can not go back years later when losses occur due to an injury you sustained in your accident.  Even if your injuries seem “minor” and sometimes “especially” if they seem minor. If for instance, you experienced a herniated disk, whiplash, or other soft tissue injuries from a low impact car accident, these injuries very often manifest into other conditions. Arthritis, fibrosis, and other residual effects can severely impact your ability to work or do the things you previously enjoyed prior to your accident. In fact, medical professionals have estimated that 62% of people who were injured in a car accident experience significant symptoms for 12 1/2 years after their accident. Over half of those people had to alter their work significantly. Just under one-half of those people had to also alter their leisure activities. Studies have shown that 12% of people who sustained neck injuries in an automobile or motorcycle accident attained complete recovery 10 years after their accident.

Free Consultation Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

People who file their own claims and lawsuits frequently do not fully understand the potential impact of their injuries and later regret not hiring a personal injury attorney. It is highly beneficial to take advantage of a free consultation with a personal injury attorney when you’ve been involved in an accident. A consultation with Doyle, McCabe, Uccello can help you to determine what the potential for compensation for residual pain and suffering may be based on your injuries. We cannot stress enough that low impact car accidents can result in injuries that on the surface seem minor, yet can cause a lifetime of residual pain and even permanent disability. Don’t let someone tell you that your injury is “minor” or make you think you are doing something wrong by seeking compensation for your pain and suffering that is a result of a “minor” car accident. Let us help.  Call 727-824-5727.

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