5 Myths About Personal Injury Lawsuits

If you’ve been injured in an accident you may be slightly averse to the idea of contacting a personal injury lawyer. There’s often some confusion associated with seeking legal help after an accident injury. Although personal injury lawyers can often be portrayed as dishonest in television shows and in films, speaking to a personal injury lawyer is the best first step after you have experienced an injury. Here are some of the top five myths about personal injury lawsuits that have been heavily misconstrued in the media.

A Lawyer Will Only Cause Hassle In Any Settlement

Using a personal injury lawyer can often help you navigate the road towards compensation. Seeking compensation for your injuries can often lead to confusion and stress. A Personal injury lawyer in Hudson,FL can work as your ally to make sure you are taking the right path and not getting shorted the compensation you deserve. Going through all of the effort to receive compensation only to end up empty-handed can be extremely disappointing in the wake of an accident. Speaking to an experienced attorney can make sure that you undergo the process in the best manner and that you can access the compensation you need.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Will Charge A Retainer

Most personal injury lawyers only charge on the basis of a contingency fee. These types of personal injury lawyers will only get paid if they are able to win your case. Unless you receive a winning verdict for your case, you will not have to pay your lawyer anything. You have very little risk of hiring a lawyer and if you aren’t satisfied with the outcome, you won’t have to pay.

I’m Compensated Through My Insurance Anyway

Most insurance companies will only pay out a settlement if they are absolutely required to. Even when they absolutely have to they will try to pay out as little as possible. In a world where every business is to maximize profit, they will try not to pay out claims. This is no secret. These settlements are often the bare minimum for costs associated with the immediate treatment of your injury. Most insurance companies only payout 50% of claims that are associated with car accidents. Even with insurance, you will likely have to pay at least 26% of the cost of your medical bills at a minimum.

I’ll Be Refused With Only Minor Injuries

The cost of healthcare is never inexpensive in the United States. Even if you just have minor injuries now, it’s possible that you could experience chronic injuries down the road. Latent injuries can be a driving cost factor for your future and if you aren’t receiving good medical care now, you could face quality-of-life issues later on. Even if you just experienced minor injuries in an accident, a personal injury lawyer can help you get the compensation that you need to protect your future.

I Can File A Lawsuit Long After The Accident

The idea of getting involved in a legal case may seem like a hassle but the deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit is extremely limited. You’ll only have a limited amount of time to consult with the victims and get the story recorded as well.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, be sure to consider these 5 myths about Personal Injury Lawsuits if you are avoiding contacting a personal injury attorney. Working with a personal injury attorney is very different from the portrayals you may have seen in movies and on television. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation with regard to your accident!