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Having to lose a loved one or face personal injuries are difficult circumstances. Here at Wendy Doyle-Palumbo, Esq. we empathize with our clients and offer our expertise to support their legal rights. Our legal firm does not charge you until you win. You can get the required support from our experienced Tampa personal injury attorney. Our lawyers have years of practice in the field of personal injury. They are result-oriented legal professionals that compensate for your financial and medical expenses through experience and persistence. We offer our services in various branches of personal injury, including; car and truck accidents, motorcycles crashes, pedestrian and construction accidents, slip and fall, boating accidents and many more. We can represent your case in both state courts, before federal judges as well as insurance companies.

Our law firm prioritizes your case and you will not be presented by a sing attorney. There will be a group of witness experts, lawyers and legal specialist that work together to back your legal merit. Our legal firm does not charge you unless they are substantial results from your legal case.

Our Legal Firm

We have decades of experience that have resulted in millions of dollars in financial compensation for our clients. We do not rest until our clients are backed legally in order to compensate for their injuries and damages. Countless successful cases have created a reputation of trust and liability for Wendy Doyle-Palumbo, Esq.

There are a limited number of attorneys that can ensure your personal injury legal success. Our attorney team is dedicated and committed to achieving justice & integrity for their clients.

You or your family could be a subject of personal injuries. Do not jeopardize your legal procedure by choosing an incompetent legal advocate or getting involved yourself. A successful compensation for personal injury is dependent on experience, taking the right course of action and diligence.

The Course Of Mediate Action After Personal An Injury Accident

Medical Care

Your health and wellbeing is the most important matter after an accident takes place. Seek immediate medical care- even if you feel you have not been affected. Internal hemorrhages and damages can worsen if unnoticed. Follow the medical staff’s advice thoroughly for the course of treatment.

Legal Assistance

Accidents are overwhelming times. There is a lot of stress and after accident shock that you are likely to overlook some beneficial evidence. complicated legal procedures, as well as the right skill set to face documentation and insurance company, leads you to contact an attorney. Although an experienced legal representative can delay or threaten the total loss of your legal compensation. Wendy Doyle-Palumbo, Esq. is your best choice as a legal representative. We fight for your rights aggressively despite the complications and involved debates to cover your losses during and after a personal injury accident.

Insurance Company

You are required to contact your insurance company whether at fault or not. Although it is not advisable to offer further information regarding evidence, notes, etc. Having your experienced Tampa personal injury attorney handle the insurance agent can help you to avoid complications. Most of the insurance companies try to slip off from their liability to cover the costs.

Evidence Gathering

You may consider this the job of the police. However, collecting any possible evidence can help your legal claims. This evidence is used to clarify your accident’s details, graveness, and its cause;

  •     Witnesses

There may be people who witnessed your accident. You could collect their identity information and contact numbers. Witnesses are one of the most powerful evidence in both state and federal courts.

  •     Capturing The Accident

You must take photos of the accident from various angles. You must record your injuries, car dents, brake marks on the asphalt and anything else that may be considered for a clear judgment on the accident. You can later include daily progress photo documentation as well.

Police Report

In case of police appearance in time at the site accident, request a copy of their reports. It is possible that these records are not always perfect. You can recheck them to avoid further hindrance in your work progress.

Take Notes

Accidents can harm your mental and emotional state alongside physical and financial losses. If you remember any information about your accident. You may be remembering details later or have a question; just jot them down on a piece of paper to discuss them with your lawyer. This information may be vital to your case presentation.

Recording these details help you to avoid losing clarity of what has taken place by passing of time; some court cases may take longer than usual.

Points To Avoid After An Accident

There are a few factors that must be avoided; some documentation can be used against you even if your health and mental state are hampered.

  •     Accepting The Blame

If you admit the accident has been your fault to anyone, during and after the accident, it can be used against you in the court of justice. You can only share your information with your attorney.

  •     Statements

Any statements must be made solely through your attorney to avoid legal pitfalls

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We are available to provide a free consultation regarding any personal injury complications. Our highly trained and experienced attorney team offers their services in our office, the comfort of your home, or even hospitals. You can contact us today and claim your legal rights immediately.


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