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If you have had an automobile accident and need a car accident attorney in Pasco County or New Port Richey Florida please contact Wendy Doyle-Palumbo for a free case review. New Port Richey, Florida has it’s fair share of automobile accidents resulting in injuries and fatalities. In fact, it’s been reported that Pasco County car accidents nearly doubled in 2016 and it isn’t showing signs of decreasing. Distracted driving seems to be the major causes of injury accidents in New Port Richey  with the most dangerous road being U.S. 19 in West Pasco County, Florida.

West Pasco County Car Accidents Higher than Regional Averages

If you frequently drive on U.S Highway 19 in New Port Richey, you have likely had to avoid an accident, you have known someone who has had a automobile or motorcycle accident in New Port Richey, or have witnessed an  accident in New Port Richey on U.S. Highway 19.  But it’s not just this stretch of Highway that is problematic. The bottom line is that traffic fatalities are more prevalent in Pasco County, Florida, more than elsewhere in the Tampa Bay area or the State of Florida.

First Steps When You’ve Been in a Car Accident in New Port Richey

If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident in New Port Richey, Florida the first thing you should be concerned with is your health. Remember, Florida has a 14 day rule under PIP. In short, this means that you must seek medical treatment within 14 days of your car accident or you lose compensation under PIP. There are some circumstances where an attorney may be able to fight your insurance company.  If you were in fact injured and didn’t realize it until the 20th day, consult with New Port Richey, Florida personal injury attorney Wendy Doyle-Palumbo to find out what your rights are.


Every car accident is different. Perhaps you were badly injured and transported from the scene of the accident to a hospital. As soon as you are able to do so, consult with a New Port Richey accident lawyer to ensure that  your rights are protected. If you were involved in a low impact car accident, you may have been treated at the scene of the accident by an EMT or you may have refused treatment. Many people do refuse treatment after they have been involved in a collision. Shock and endorphins released in your body in response to an accident can mask pain so it is not uncommon to walk away “injured.” If you were not treated at the scene of the accident and you were able to take photos of any injuries or damage to vehicles, keep all of this plus any police reports,medical reports and paperwork. If you have names or contact information for witnesses, this is crucial to provide to your lawyer as soon as you can. The sooner your car accident attorney can get statements from witnesses, the better as time often changes what a witness recalls.

Free Consultation New Port Richey Car Accident Attorney

Consulting with a New Port Richey car accident attorney as soon as you can after your accident is a wise choice. Wendy Doyle-Palumbo offers a free car accident case review.  You may not need a Pasco County Personal Injury Attorney if you’ve been in an automobile accident or motorcycle accident, but you could benefit from a free consultation. Remember, car accident insurance companies are for profit, thus, minimizing accident and injury claims is what insurance adjusters are trained to do. Making sure your rights are protected and maximizing car accident claims is what attorney Doyle-Palumbo does. Call today for a free consultation: 727-233-2134 or request a consultation online.

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