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Pasco and Hernando County Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Florida has experienced an increase in pedestrian accidents including in Tampa Bay, ranking first in the nation last year. Sadly, someone gets injured or loses their life each day in pedestrian accidents. According to the FHP, pedestrian accidents include any non-motorist, including cyclists. Unfortunately, Tampa Bay ranked 7th in the metro areas for the highest number of pedestrian accidents. It is not ideal, however several ends up seeking help from a pedestrian accident attorney near them.

Those who call Pasco County and surrounding locales home are well aware of some of the non-motorist accidents that have been covered by the media. But as you can see below, there are many more that are not. In May of this year, the local news covered the hit and run of a teen that was struck by an SUV in Pasco County, and in the same month, a woman lost her life when struck by a vehicle on US Hwy 19. Numerous pedestrian and non-motorists personal injury accidents were reported in New Port Richey and wrongful deaths in Hudson as some of these accidents, unfortunately, resulted in fatalities.

How a Pasco County Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You When You’ve Been Injured

Pedestrians most often incur serious if not fatal injuries when they have been hit by a negligent driver. Much like Hudson Florida personal injury lawyers, injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents, there isn’t much to protect the victim when they come up against a vehicle. Even the lowest impact accident in these cases can result in serious and debilitating long term injuries. When low impact accidents result in soft tissue damage or other injuries it is imperative that the victim seeks out the proper diagnostic treatment to support their claims.

It is unfortunate, but oftentimes the pedestrian is often blamed for being at fault, thus re-victimizing them all over again. However, the truth is, is that many Florida drivers have no idea what the laws are concerning pedestrians and cyclists thus, it is imperative to seek out an experienced Pasco County Pedestrian Accident Attorney who can handle a pedestrian accident claim or lawsuit. Initiating the proper investigations, gathering the right information to support your claim, and knowing which parties to sue is imperative and crucial to a favorable outcome.

Wrongful Death / Pedestrian Accidents Pasco/Hernando County FL

Sadly, many pedestrians are killed every year in pedestrian accidents in Pasco and Hernando County, Fl. If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of another, please contact our office for a free consultation. Compassionate, determined, and knowledgeable personal injury trial lawyers are ready to help right the wrongs that have caused your devastation. There is nothing that can replace your loved one, or compensate you fully for your loss. Florida Law entitles you to specific compensation to help you pick up the pieces from this tragic event.

For any other questions about personal injury under Florida law, reach out to our team and we’ll provide the answer as soon as possible.

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