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Personal Injury And Car Accident Lawyer in New Port Richey, FL

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident and would like to speak with one of the Personal Injury Attorneys at our law firm, call 727-233-2134 for a free initial consultation and case evaluation.

Two cars collided due to accident in New Port Richey.There is nothing worse than getting into an accident.

You start your day out like any other, and then the unexpected happens; you find yourself in an accident and facing financial and medical losses.

This situation can even worsen if you are not aware of your rights.

While dealing with a lot of stress and aftershock, you are required to be answerable to the police, your insurance company, and other law-related subjects that demand your action. Our law firm can provide you with all the needed support after an accident in New Port Richey.

While we offer you the most precise guideline, we also protect your rights such as medical bill coverage and financial damage compensation.

Our law firm offers the most experienced New Port Richey injury lawyer to assist you.

We specialize in the field of personal injury and accidents. Accidents are difficult accordance to deal with; we empathize with your condition and guarantee to do all in our power to stand for your rights.

For immediate assistance, please contact us online or call 727-233-2134 today for a free consultation.

What To Do After a New Port Richey Accident

The performance of research is the most sensible act before hiring an injury attorney.  You may be wondering about the general outline of your legal rights when it comes down to personal injury. Before you get in touch with your New Port Richey injury lawyer, this article provides valuable information regarding personal injury procedures.

On The Site Of The Accident

There are many details and complicated laws involved in personal injury accidents. This is the main reason why individuals usually walk away without getting the right compensation. Moments after the occurrence of the accident, these steps can define the right course of action. Here is what you should do after an accident:

1. Evidence Collection

Despite the accident shock and anxiety, you must maintain your cool and gather the right evidence. Collect contact information, a police report, and clear photos from various angles.

2. Checkup

Some accidents require instant emergency care but if you are feeling alright, still get a checkup; there could be internal injuries and even unnoticed external lesions. Treatment courses must be completed, and any given medical instructions must be followed.

3. Insurance Company

The truth is that you have insurance coverage for such occasions. Although insurance companies would try to settle for the minimum expense coverage by getting you to agree with their slip-off schemes. It is a wise choice to acquire legal help as an intermediate between you an insurance agent.

Our New Port Richey injury attorneys will protect your interest, against insurance companies by having an awareness of their tactics.

We research any details and collect witnesses, evidence, and furthermore in addition to backing your rights.

If you have just been involved in an accident, you can give us a call and we will provide you with a free personal injury consultation; you can get clear guidance and avoid losing your rights by signing the wrong documents.

4. Return Process

Having face losses in a rear-end or whiplash accident may prevent you from thinking about future losses such as dropping wages or uncovered future medical bills. Before placing a claim, it is best to be aware of the total loss you have faced.

Hire Wendy Doyle-Palumbo, Esq. New Port Richey Personal Injury Attorney

Regardless of your personal injury graveness, whether the police have reported against you or not, you can contact our law firm through our phone lines and our online form.

We will get back to you almost immediately.

We can take up evidence collection, deal with the insurance companies, and represent you and your family, all directed towards a single purpose; re-compensating your losses and helping you recover from financial and medical impacts.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Your best chance for pursuing your claims is choosing a well reputable and reliable local law firm. Consider the delicacy of choosing your legal representative, Wendy Doyle-Palumbo, Esq. Personal Injury Attorney is pronounced to be your best choice;

  •     Locally Accessible

We are located in New Port Richey to offer quick responses and provide local investigation when required.

  •     Field Practice

We have been serving our fellow New Port Richey locals for many years. Our attorney team has gathered the most reputable and experienced lawyers in the field. This has kept us right on the leading list of elite law firms.

  •     Our Client’s Trust

New Port Richey Personal Injury Lawyer has tackled the most complicated cases with success. You can read our customer reviews to get and you will find out that they back our words.

Contact an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in New Port Richey, FL Today

Immediately after an accident takes place, it is best to contact a professional in the field of personal injury accidents; it helps to avoid getting your right declined by insurance companies and facing legal pitfalls.

Our New Port Richey Personal Injury Attorney supports your claim through their long years of experience, having familiarity with insurance company tactics, and gathering all the supporting documents.

If you are worried about having your rights taken away, we are the best option to provide the successful pursuit of your claim.

Contact Wendy Doyle-Palumbo, Esq. using our online form or call 727-233-2134 for a free initial consultation.


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