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If you have been affected by personal injury cases, Wendy Doyle-Palumbo, Esq. Personal Injury Attorney legal group is your best shot at success. An experienced lawyer can help you to compensate for your right entirely. Accidents are out of your control but with a wise choice in selecting your Clearwater Personal Injury Lawyer you can always turn the odds in your favor.

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Why Choose Us?

Legal procedures are delicate matters that require attention and diligence. Both your choice of lawyer and personal injury accidents can alter your future for the better or worse.  Here is the list of reasons why you should choose Wendy Doyle-Palumbo, Esq. Personal Injury Attorney;

Decades Of Experience

While accidents are unfortunate occurrences, we are happy to have been able to help hundreds of clients in the Clearwater area. An inexperienced legal firm can hinder your process with a lack of information and field practice.

Don’t Pay Before Getting Your Results

A client who is already facing financial and medical loss is already under a heavy burden. Requesting payment beforehand is frowned upon by our legal team. We will not request any money before we have compensated your legal rights.

Through the years of experience, we have adapted a unique payment for our services. Our professional attorney service charges are in accordance with the amount of money compensated for our clients’ personal injury accidents.

Reputation And Trust

Our customer reviews speak for the quality of our services. We are most reputed for liability, result orientation, and success rates.


Clearing out the financial and legal burden will help our client to achieve financial peace. Financial recovery and physical regeneration from their traumatic experience is our top priority. Our Clearwater personal injury lawyer communicates regularly with our clients.

Our Advice After a Clearwater, Florida Accident

Extensive research for choosing your Clearwater injury attorney is an essential part of your legal process. You can always reach us for a free consultation session. Here are some immediate actions to take after an accident.

Avoiding Blame Taking And Statements

You must be attentive in making statements and accepting any blame. You may be affected by traumatic shocks that can blur your judgment. Even if the police have given you a ticket, leave all the statements and announcements to your legal representative.

Insurance companies are another legal entity that requires excess care while commuting. Your Clearwater injury lawyer will measure all the evidence and documents from a legal perspective in dealing with your insurance company.

Emergency Care Call

Calling for medical care must be your top priority. Your overall well-being must be evaluated by healthcare professionals. Do not skip this step even if you consider there has not been any injury. Ignored internal damages can lead to complicated health issues.

You must call the police immediately after an accident; it is especially beneficial to avoid further accidents on a high-traffic road.

Collecting Evidence to Strengthen Your Clearwater, FL Injury Claim

A man injured in Clearwater.If you have not faced an accident due to road hazards, there are one or more people involved in the accident scene. Make sure you collect basic information such as name, address, license plate number, and contact information.

  • Gathering Information After an Accident

Your legal claim can be backed up if you have extensive evidence available to you. You can start to collect evidence from the moment an accident occurs.

  • Photos

It is best to capture all your injuries as soon as the accident occurs. Make sure your photos have great clarity by checking the lighting as well as taking multiple shots from each angle.

  • Bystanders

Collect information from all other drivers or pedestrians who have witnessed the accident. Name and contact numbers must be taken down to help your court case presentation or insurance company-related claims.

  • Police report

A police report can help you to increase your evidence documentation and pinpoint if there are any mistakes in the report.

  • Insurance Company Notification

The announcement of your accident to the insurance company is a necessary part of the procedure. As previously mentioned, avoid making statements regarding the accident to your insurance company.

Types of Clearwater Personal Injury Claims We Handle

We are a team that focuses on dedication when dealing with all the mishaps in the field of personal injury accidents. We believe in limiting our energy and attention to a single legal aspect that increases proficiency and achieves maximum results. Here are some of the most common causes of accidents in the Clearwater area.

Car and Motorcycle Crashes

Being harmed in an accident is difficult and usually is accompanied by heavy prices. Compensating for these losses requires experiencing legal advice whether you are at fault or not.

Commercial Truck Accidents

A heavyweight vehicle accident can extend to many vehicles involved or even property damages. These occurrences involve lengthy procedures.

Contact a Clearwater Personal Injury Lawyer

In case of facing any personal injury accident, you can hire our Clearwater Personal Injury Attorney who is willing to fight aggressively to support your legal claim. We offer you a maximum success rate. Our lawyer also handles other injury cases, including car collisions and rear-end accidents. Contact us online or call (727) 233-2134 today for a free consultation.


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