Comparative Negligence Law Florida

When You're Partially at Fault for Your Accident Sometimes people who have been injured in an accident do not fight for compensation because they believe they were partially responsible for their car accident or other accident where negligence was shared. When you've been injured in any accident, it is very important that you speak [...]

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FAQ Slip and Fall Accidents

FAQ Slip & Fall Accidents Florida Each week, we get a variety of questions about personal injury law in Florida including questions about slip and fall, trip and fall and premise liability lawsuits against businesses in Tampa Bay. Below, we provide some basic answers to address a few of these frequently asked questions. If [...]

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Examination Under Oath (EUO) Preparation

EUO Preparation in Personal Injury Lawsuits What is an EUO? An EUO is defined as an "examination under oath" The EUO is used by insurance companies to cross-examine the person who has filed a personal injury claim to obtain information that enables the insurer to process the claim. An EUO will serve to eliminate [...]

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