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lyft car accident passenger settlement

Average Lyft Accident Settlement Amounts in Florida

Pursuing compensation for injuries sustained in a Florida auto accident can be a stressful and frustrating experience. The ...
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florida rear-end law

Florida Rear-End Collision Law and When to File a Claim

Were you rear-ended in Florida? You are not alone. Rear-end collisions make up nearly 30% of all serious ...
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florida personal injury statute of limitations

Guide to the Florida Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

You have legal rights when you suffer injuries in a personal injury accident because of another party’s actions. ...
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Rental Car Accident Coverage And What To Do If You’re In Accident

Most of the accidents that occur across our home state are covered under our personal vehicle insurance. However, ...
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Uninsured Motorist Statistics of 2019

According to some of the latest data completed under police reports in the United States, 13% of drivers ...
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How Can I Maximize My Recovery After An Accident?

Car accident victims often deal with medical bills, treatments, vehicular damage, lost wages and other losses related to ...
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Nation’s Most Dangerous Highway is Interstate 4

In recent reports published by GPS tracking company Teletrac Navman, Interstate 4 from Orlando to Tampa has been ...
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Common Causes of Car Accidents

Car accidents in the United States are responsible for the death of roughly 90 Americans every day. 2 ...
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Why you should have UM in Florida?

Having access to uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage in Florida can be one of the best ways that ...
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