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Florida child custody law (1)

What You Need to Know About Florida Child Custody Law in 2020?

Florida divorce cases and child custody cases are never easy on any of the parties. Still, it's essential ...
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hire personal injury attorney near hudson fl (1)

15 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Florida

Injuries aren't always an act of God. Sometimes, there's a responsible party in accidents - one that owes ...
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Why Hire a “Car Accident Lawyer Near Me”

If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Pasco County you’re probably researching for lawyers that can ...
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Florida Grandfather Kills 6 Grandchildren And 2 Adults

BELL, Fla. – According to the police, 51-year-old Don Spirit killed his daughter and his 6 grandchildren before committing ...
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Wrong-Way Crash On I-275 Leaves 3 Dead

TAMPA, FL – Early Sunday, 2 women and one man died when their vehicle collided head-on with a semi ...
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Former Florida Mayor’s Wife Faces Trial For ‘Love Triangle Slaying’

This week, the wife of a former Florida mayor is in court as she is accused of beating ...
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