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Tampa, Florida Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The picture-perfect scenery, open roads and minimized limitations make Florida a biker’s paradise. However, when it comes to statistics, it is considered the most dreadful state in the U.S. for bikers. Florida is second in the country for the number of motorcycle registrations but holds the first-place spot in the number of accidents. Motorcycle-related accidents bring about some of the worst consequences. Wendy Doyle-Palumbo, Esq, understands the extent of loss and emotional impact on you or your family members through a bike accident. We are your preferred Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer. Contact us today.

Tampa Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | Here for You

In an accident, the motorcyclist is more prone to serious injuries and complicated health issues. While motorcycles give a sense of freedom and a smooth ride, it provides little to no protection for the bikers. Although these accidents are often related to the negligence of other drivers. If you have been subjected to a personal injury bike accident, you should contact our skilled Tampa motorcycle accident lawyers for help. We can evaluate your motorcycle accident claim and pursue the maximum compensation available for your financial and medical losses.

A Quick Look At Motorcycle Crash Statistics in The U.S and Florida

The knowledge of the most probable motorcycle accident helps to stay more attentive. The statistics show that more than 5000 people have lost their lives in the United States only by motorcycle accidents; more than 500 of those fatal accidents took place in Florida. Statistics show that Florida is the most dangerous state for motorcyclists.

Classification Of Motorcycle Injuries

Here are probable types of Tampa motorcycle injuries and the responsible party;

  • Motorcycle defective part – liability claim against the manufacturer
  • Driver negligence or drunken driving – liability claim against another driver (drivers)
  • Wrongful death – liable against the party involved in such accordance
  • Unsafe property or road hazards – liability claim against the government

Most Common Causes Of Accidents In Tampa, Florida

Many factors can affect a motorcycle resulting in an accident. Our legal firm is attentive to the best way to tackle each circumstance. Here are some common causes of motorcycle accidents in Tampa;

  • Inappropriate lane splitting
  • Drunken driving
  • Road hazards

Compensation Available After a Tampa Motorcycle Accident

There is a lot that can be involved in a motorcycle accident; extensive property damage, devastating injuries, and in the worst cases even death. If the motorcyclists are left on their own to deal with the outcome, they will be entitled to thousands of dollars in losses. This includes the costs of property damages, medical bills, lost wages, and much more.

You should consult with an experienced Tampa motorcycle accident attorney for the best chance at receiving fair compensation after an accident.

However, there is no average motorcycle accident settlement amount since each case is unique. Evaluating damages after a motorcycle accident in Tampa is a complicated task to handle yourself. The state of Florida permits personal injury claims to take place only if the damages have been permanent. You can always get a free consultation from a Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer to evaluate your legal claim.

A successful legal claim can help you to recover from the following categories of damages:

Special Compensation

Special damage recovery is solely related to financial receipts. It covers medical and financial losses such as hospital expenses, property damage costs and even lost wages. The exact medical bills and receipts must be presented along with your claim. Your legal representative collects all of your billing amounts for the exact calculation of special damage coverage sums.

General Compensation

Category of general damages indicates the most common damage through a bike accident; physical, mental, and emotional pain and suffering.

Hindered income-earning abilities and life losses are also considered in this category. While there are no written numbers such as the previous types of damage, the court will decide in accordance with the victim’s injuries. Having a strong legal representation and adequate evidence help to turn the odds in your favor.

Punitive Compensation

In case of permanent damage to the victim, the jury will decide to reward the victim with additional compensation. The liable party may even face other legal charges. An attorney is able to request punitive compensation during or after a trial. Although not all cases of motorcycle personal injury claims would qualify for this category of compensation.

Insurance Company Compensation

Depending on the degree of your loss and accident-related circumstance, compensation rates vary. If there are small injuries and property damages, it is probable that the insurance company covers your costs. This category of compensation rates is related to the type of insurance coverage. While insurance companies try to settle with the minimum, it is best to use an attorney for your legal representation. Your legal presentative can protect your interest in an insurance company settlement.

Liable Party Compensation

The insurance company that covers the liable party may request a settlement petition. They usually offer medical bills, property damages, and other receipt-driven expenses. If you choose to settle general and punitive damages will not be applicable through a lawsuit thereafter. Our experienced attorneys are able to support your claim and compensate for your losses meticulously.

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Being a victim of a motorcycle accident is intense enough loss. Avoid further losses by getting the best legal advice and representation from an experienced Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer. Contact us today.

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