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Florida ranks very high in the number of motorcycle accidents with Pasco ranking as one of the highest with numbers that are increasing.

Distracted driving, speeding, texting while driving, drunk driving can cause motorcycle accidents. However, seeking to obtain compensation from insurance companies without legal representation by a personal injury attorney may not be in your best interest. You  need the best motorcycle accident attorney in Pasco or Pinellas County who will work to maximize your compensation when you’ve personally injured  in a motorcycle accident. If you need a personal injury attorney in Pasco, Hernando, Citrus or a free consultation with a Pinellas County, FL personal injury and motorcycle accident attorney  Call; 727.824.5727

Florida Ranks Among Highest in Motorcycle Accidents

Florida Ranks Among Highest in  Motorcycle Accident Fatalities Nationwide If you're a motorcycle enthusiast in Pasco County, Florida, the stats on motorcycle fatalities and accidents in Pasco and Tampa Bay, most likely won't surprise you. In 2016 Florida ranked among the highest in the Nation for motorcycle fatalities including motorcycle accidents in Pasco County, Florida. [...]

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