In Florida, Personal Injury Protection or PIP and Med Pay (Medical Payments Insurance) pays for the injured’s necessary medical bills incurred after a car accident. Med Pay insurance will pay for immediate and necessary medical services following a car crash that results in injuries. This insurance will take care of the policyholder’s medical expenses, regardless of who is at fault, which helps accident victims pay for medical care promptly. Med Pay is separate from PIP or No-Fault Insurance but a subrogation claim for Med Pay is no different than a claim by a person against the negligent person’s insurance for medical expenses. Florida No-Fault Laws allow for the subrogation of automobile Med Pay. Here is some information on PIP Med Pay Attorney.

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The state of Florida requires that all insured drivers carry $10,000 of Personal Injury Protection (PIP), to cover 80% of any medical bills directly related to injuries sustained in an auto accident. Med Pay is an elective provision that would cover medical expenses up to 100%. If you elect $10,000 in Med Pay coverage and your PIP covers $10,000, you could be covered up to $20,000.

Med Pay subrogation, however, occasionally causes problems with the insured who has been injured when they settle their personal injury claims. This is an area when having a strong personal injury and car accident attorney will benefit you. When making bodily injury settlements, the opposing counsel for insurance companies will frequently require that the injured agree to indemnification agreements. These “hold harmless” agreements are generally not in the best interest of the injured party and the intent is to put a stop to any further bodily injury claims. This means that the negligent party and their insurance company will not be responsible, or will be “held harmless” to liens, rights for reimbursements, and all other third party claimants.

In Florida, if an insurance company intends to subrogate automobile Med Pay, they must wait until the insured’s injury claims are settled or they receive notice that the negligent party’s liability coverage will be paying both the subrogation claim and the injured party’s claims. The insurance company is NOT permitted to deplete the insured’s compensation fund.   There are many things to consider when you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident.  Trying to go it alone when keeping your insurance company honest can be difficult at best when dealing with PIP, Med Pay and a personal injury lawsuit. If you’ve been seriously injured, the main focus should be on your health and recovery.  Hiring a car accident lawyer can help to alleviate the problems associated with being injured in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence. Our injury lawyers can help to ensure you are compensated properly and according to Florida No-Fault, Med Pay and Personal Injury Laws in Florida while you concentrate on getting well.

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