Child custody matters can be some of the most highly emotional and contentious. Assuming the worse or not understanding your rights or Florida child custody law, can be detrimental. If you are divorcing or if you are wishing to establish paternity and time-sharing, you will want the best child custody attorney.  If you need a family law attorney who will fight for the best interests of your children and have a case to modify a current child custody order, call for a free consultation with Wendy Doyle-Palumbo.  Don’t wait to enforce a current custody or time-sharing order when you can get help.  Wendy Doyle-Palumbo understand the frustrations many parents have when orders are not being followed. Whatever your custody issues may be, Wendy has extensive experience representing parents in high conflict child custody matters in the Tampa Bay Area. For decades, she has helped resolve the most difficult custody cases and continues to fight for parents and their children. If you need an aggressive child custody attorney in New Port Richey, Hudson, Spring Hill or Brooksville, Florida, contact Wendy Doyle-Palumbo today.

Assumption of 50/50 Time-Sharing & Equal Shared Custody

Many Tampa Bay parents who are divorcing worry most about child custody issues.  Likewise, unmarried parents who have or need to establish paternity often mistake Florida’s Custody Laws and assume 50/50 time-sharing will be ordered. With so much information online and with Family Law Statutes that can be difficult to understand, it’s easy to assume that equal time-sharing or 50-50 timesharing will be absolute. Some parents believe it may not be worth fighting for any time-sharing or may feel like fighting for majority time-sharing would be futile.

The truth is, although there is a presumption that children benefit from enjoying equal time-sharing with both parents, a presumption for 50/50 is not even indicated under Florida law.”

  • Shared Custody and Equal Time-Sharing – There are obvious benefits to shared custody in most circumstances but, there are also times when equal time-sharing, or 50/50 or even limited time-sharing may not be beneficial to you children. A skilled Pasco County Family Law Attorney helps fathers and mothers and will review your particular case then, give you an honest assessment. When you need legal counsel who will fight for your parental rights and the best interests of your children, Attorney Doyle-Palumbo will be with you every step of the way.
  • Best Interest of Child –  Health & Safety, Emotional & Developmental Needs, Co-Parenting & Communications Skills and Moral Fitness are considered by the courts when determining custody, parental responsibility, and time-sharing. In order to present your case to the courts you will need a skilled custody lawyer who can do so in accordance with Florida Law and rules of procedure.

Pasco County Florida Child Custody Attorney and Your Parental Rights

When establishing or modifying custody and time-sharing in Pasco County, Florida, it is crucial that you understand your rights. Hiring a Pasco County Florida child custody attorney who understands Florida Child Custody Law is the first step to protecting your parental rights. The courts are to consider all of the factors which have been outlined in the Florida Statutes regarding the best interest of the children. Representing yourself in any custody matter is not recommended, because the law is very specific to what the courts can consider. You may think you can simply present your truth to the courts about your custody concerns or requests, but this is a myth. Why take that chance and lose your time-sharing case or parental rights, or worse, put your children in a situation that is not conducive to their best interests?

Hiring a skilled Florida child custody attorney

Hiring a skilled Hudson child custody lawyer who understands the law and who will present your case to the courts in accordance with that law can be highly beneficial. This is especially true when there is a great deal of conflict. Wendy Doyle-Palumbo, Esq, is located in Hudson, Florida and represents clients who need to hire a child custody attorney in Spring Hill, Brooksville and surrounding areas.